5 Quick Tips to Declutter your Gaming Table


Use TV trays or side tables to hold your beverages and snacks. As a bonus, if the gaming table gets bumped, it doesn’t ruin your game.


Place the game box off to the side and not on the table and designate someone as the banker. Frequently we play games where someone just likes to watch the game and doesn’t want to play, have them act as banker.


Use UberStax universal game piece holders to hold community cards, tiles and tokens. This gives you vertical space to grow instead of laying all items flat on the table.


Use little containers (boxes or bowls) to hold game chits. Easy to pass around when someone needs to dip in to grab some. Consider color coding them so gamers know the contents at quick glance.


Clean out one of the many pizza boxes you have lying around (do your duty and eat any remaining pieces), cut out spots in the sides such that you can place your game board on top of the box and still store items under the board (such as game money or cards). 

Buy UberStax to Declutter Your Gaming Table

UberStax are an Innovative, Interlocking, Stackable Universal Game Piece Holders. Great for people who love playing board or card games. For years table-top, card and token games have posed challenges for some players. We’ve all experienced crowded tables. Children can struggle with the dexterity required to manipulate a hand of cards. Disabilities due to injury or illness can prevent some people from enjoying a simple game of cards. überStax is the perfect solution for all of these situations! überStax keeps the play organized, makes it easier for children to share with a parent and sort cards, gives you the freedom to enjoy snacks and drinks while giving your hands a break.

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